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The new design of development

The new global economy has redefined multi-family development and Ventures Development Group is on
the leading edge, designing, building and operating communities that are in high demand for its customers and shareholders

Each Ventures Development community strikes the perfect balance of comfort, efficiency, exceptional amenities and location. The communities are scaled to create a neighborhood atmosphere and designed for social interaction. While each of the residences provides upscale finishes and comfortable floor plans that maximize space and storage, they are also built to the highest construction specifications and energy standards.

In addition to designing, building, and managing its own communities, the principals of Ventures Development Group work with their investors, partners and clients to provide a myriad of services which include asset acquisition and underwriting, financial and risk modeling, construction management, procurement of permanent and equity financing, supervision of the design process, implementation and management of strategic sales & marketing programs, implementation and management of strategic repositioning programs, property management, asset management and a host of otherdevelopment related services.

Since 2006 Ventures Develop Group has taken a 360 degree view of development, creating communities for a new and distinguished urban and suburban lifestyle.